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KAOS Network is an artistic cultural oasis in LPV curating positive shared experiences in BlackDesign (Afrofuturism), music, and technology. A significant principle in developing the network is to empower artists and filmmakers of the community with the knowledge and understanding of the 21st century’s “cyber” technology. KAOS offers participation in hands-on courses in video production and website development, giving local artists a safe community media lab to develop artistically and to work, create and share their ideas and talents. Advantages include a local facility and resources, serving as a corollary for Leimert Park.

KAOS Network (KN) expands a philosophy of life and a creative system of expression in a growing area of art and technology. It is an active artistic practice of imagination and collaboration. KN is the brainchild of Ben Caldwell, a New Mexico-born, Los Angeles based, filmmaker, multimedia artist, technologist, educator, community leader, and business owner. He is also a mentor and offers the space in LPV to encourage and highlight local art designers, film makers, musicians, actors and activists using technology and multimedia as an accelerator. The founder of KAOS Network, a community-based performance site, and meeting space located in the heart of Leimert Park.

For over 30 years, Ben Caldwell has been an asset and engineer in a wide diasporic and transnational urban avant-garde creativity. Through multimedia storytelling, ethnography, and experimentalist approaches to urban design, interface and place keeping – developing iterations and waves of KAOS mentoring have flowed and spread. In the process, KN  has inspired  and offered continued opportunities.

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